Vending solutions

Chevend has customised Vending Machine for a wide variety of applicationsTap to know Vending machine.

About Chevend

Chevend is a one stop shop for all vending solutions in India. Chevend Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is part of the prestigious Chevron Metal Products Group. Chevend is the proud pioneer of the Automatic Vending Machine Concept in India. Having diversified into related areas Chevend now serves customers across India and the Middle East. Chevend has India’s most experienced team supporting and working with customers in the Vending, Kiosks, Banking and Ticketing, etc segments. With its extensive experience in design and development Chevend offers a wide range of products, solution and services. Chevend also partners with renowned international organisations in this field.

Why Chevend?

  • Best quality vending machines on the market
  • Range of latest types of vending machines
  • Technically sound team with the highest experience
  • Pan India service & support
  • 24/7 support over phone
  • Branding opportunities on vending machines.
  • Customized vending machines as per the business requirement

Explore how chevend chevend transforms your market

Chevend has customised Vending Machines for a wide variety of applications.

It is Chevend’s passion to develop customised solutions to vending. The more challenging the task, the higher the excitement within Chevend’s development team.


  • Snack and cold drink vending machine.
  • Magazine and Newspaper vending machine.
  • Health care vending machine.
  • Other Vending Machine.



Chevend have partnered with Innovative Technology Limited (ITL) headquartered in the United Kingdom, to Sell and Support their products for India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. With over 25 years of experience ITL offers very reliable and innovative products for the international market. Despite the dusty environment and challenging note conditions ITL’s products have been working reliably in India for years. Chevend’s engineers have received technical training at ITL’s Manchester plant.

  • BV 30 – A compact, light-weight bill acceptor
  • NV10 – Compact stackerless banknote validator
  • NV9 Spectral – Enhance sensing technology
  • NV11 – Market-leading, compact note recycler
  • NV12 – Compact validator & ticket printer
  • NV22 – Marketing leading, compact note recycler
  • NV200 Spectral – The most technically advanced note validator in its class
  • Spectral Payout – Superior mixed denomination recycler
  • Spectral BNF – Large deposit capacity bunch note feeder
  • Safe Interface – Advanced note validator for smart safes
  • SMART Hopper – Multi-coin hopper & recycler
  • SMART Coin System – Bulk coin feeder, hopper & recycler
  • ICU – Face recognition & age verification



Chevend has introduced to India high quality kiosks where a customer can open a locker, put their mobile phone to charge and close the locker. They can then come back at their convenience to retrieve their phone. Thus the phone has been charging in a secure locker which can be accessed only by an authorised person. The customer could be charged for charging or it could be a free service being offered by a location or office. Chevend manufacture these machines in-house.