Cleaning Cards

A Cleaning Card is essentially a - Specially Produced - Double Sided - Pre-Saturated - Fabric Card used to clean the path of Electronic Devices


It is used for the routine maintenance of a variety of electronic devices

  • Swipe ATMs
  • Credit/Debit card readers
  • POS terminals
  • Bill Validators / Note Readers
  • PVC card printer
  • Access control / ID card reader
  • Gas station equipment
  • Thermal Printers
  • Card Pay phone
  • Hotel door locks
  • Parking system equipment
  • Smart card readers


In the course of regular operations electronic equipments are subject to a variety of pollutants

  • Atmospheric Dust and Dirt
  • Magnetic Oxides
  • Residual Dirt left by Cards, Notes, etc.
  • Static Lint
  • Smoke Residue from Cigarettes, etc.

These settle on Sensors, Magnetic Heads, Reading Mechanisms and the Pathways gradually reducing its Sensitivity, Accuracy and eventually Efficiency. If not cleaned they then get into the main electronics of the mechanisms causing equipment malfunction.