About Us
Ingenious Innovation
CHEVEND TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD is a part of the prestigious Chevron Metal Products Group.
Chevend are the proud pioneers of the Automatic Vending Concept in India. Having diversified into related areas Chevend now serves customers across the country.
Chevend has India’s most experience team supporting and working with customers in the Vending, Kiosks, Banking and Ticketing, etc segments.
With its extensive experience in design and development Chevend offers a wide range of products, solution and services. Chevend also partners with renowned international organisations in this field.
Chevend Technologies are the Sole Partner of the International Vending Alliance (IVA) - the worlds largest network of regional leaders in vending and micromarket operations. The IVA network currently covers over 70 countries and an install base over 1,7 million machines.